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legal Notice

Please read the Declaimer set forth below before using the website (“Website”). The act of visiting the Website and use of the Website by whatever means by any person shall be deemed to accept all terms and conditions of the Declaimer.

Article 1 Users shall be in good faith and in a prudent manner when taking any action in connection with the Website (including, but not limited to browsing, using, reproduction, publication and introduction); and shall not cause damage to any legal rights of the Website, whether intentionally or negligently, and shall not use the Website for any purpose that may, directly or indirectly, violate laws of the People’s Republic of China, international conventions and social morality in whatever way.

Article 2 The Website respects all intellectual property rights related to copyrights of the reprinted articles of original authors and trademarks of customers. The Website believes reasonably the website that publishes the reprinted articles has obtained permissions from the copyright owner and has settled any associated issues with the copyright owner, and believes reasonably that customers have the right to the intellectual property rights of trademarks published in the Website and allow their reasonable uses by the Website. Reprinting of relevant articles and use of trademarks of customers by the Website are deemed as appropriate; therefore, the Website shall not be liable for any disputes arising in connection with any intellectual property rights of such reproduction and uses. Users of the Website shall observe and comply with the intellectual property rights when reprinting the articles or using the trademarks contained in the Website, otherwise, the Website will not be liable for any disputes due to failure of observing or complying with such rights.

The Website owns the intellectual property rights of articles published originally in the Website and logos of the Website, and shall have a right to take legal actions against anyone who infringes such intellectual property rights of the Website. 

Article 3 The articles, advertisements, opinions published in the Website and contents recommended from other websites by way of links are for reference purposes only or learning or communication, which do not represent views of the Website, and constitute any advice on investment. The Website is not responsible for the authenticity and validity of any contents, products, services or other materials contained in the Website, and is not liable for any acts made by users in respect of such information provided in the Website.

Article 4 In case the Website is out of service temporarily for reasons of line problems and malfunction of hardware or other force majeure that lie beyond control of the Website, the Website shall not take any responsibility for any losses caused to users during the suspension period.

Article 5 Unless otherwise noted in the terms of service, the Website shall not be liable for any accidents, negligence, slanders, infringements of copyrights or intellectual property rights (including virus infections due to downloading) and any losses or damages caused by them due to use of the Website.

Article 6 Any legal disputes in proceedings arising in connection with the Website shall be settled in the competent court where the owner & company of the Website are located, i.e.  Guangzhou People’s Court.

Article 7 The Company reserves all rights to establish, amend, update the Declaimer and owns the final right to construe the Declaimer.

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