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Apple May Soon Offer New iPad to China

Published :2012-07-02 10:59:34  author: admin  Browse: 1160

GUANGZHOU -- A Chinese court on Monday said Apple Inc has settled a lingering dispute with a local technology company concerning the use of the iPad trademark for the California-based tech giant's popular tablet computers in the Chinese mainland.

This development in the two-year legal tussle is seen by some market analysts as Apple's stepping stone for bringing its new iPad to eager Chinese consumers. The product is in the process of getting final approval from authorities, people familiar with the matter said.

Apple has paid $60 million to Proview Technology (Shenzhen) for the trademark, the high people's court of Guangdong province said in a statement issued Monday. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce was asked to assist the transfer of the iPad trademark to Apple, the court said.





                                             The article is derived from China Daily

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