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iPhone 5 is Officially Launched by Apple

Published :2012-09-13 11:11:54  author: admin  Browse: 6192

On September 12th, Apple held a press at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to officially launch the new generation of iPhone, iPhone 5 and announced that it will be launched to nine countries and regions, including the United States, Canada and Hong Kong on September 21.

Upgrading in Appearance 
Almost same as the appearance previously exposed, iPhone 5 comes in white or black color with new appearance design; compared with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 has upgraded some aspects. Firstly, the size has expanded and become 123.8 * 58.6 * 7.6mm without change in width but increasing the length of the screen to 4 inches, with a screen resolution up to 1136*640. It still adopts special tempered glass for the front face and the anodized aluminum material same with the iPad back cover for the back shell, which has reduced the weight of iPhone 5 to 112g.
IPhone 5 uses new A6 processor, which has greatly improved the processing capacity without negative impact on the energy-saving. It can stand by up to 225 hours, 8 hours for 3G talk, 8 hours for 4G LTE Internet services, 8 hours for 3G Internet services, 10 hours for WiFi Internet services, 10 hours for video playback and 40 hours for audio playback.
Network type
As expected, iPhone 5 will support the LTE 4G network over the world. Currently, many smart phone manufacturers including Samsung have provided LTE mobile phones worldwide. Compared with them, iPhone has never engaged in this aspect before, but the new improvement will help Apple catch up with competitors.
iOS 6
The IOS 6 will be officially launched on September 19.
iPhone 5 adopts the latest iOS 6 operating system, which can help users handle their daily affairs more effectively. Furthermore, there is a lot of special update for Chinese users. For example, there are more text input options available and add supports to popular Chinese Internet services. Now, Baidu has become a Safari’s built-in option. Otherwise, you can share video directly to Youku and Tudou, and also can release messages from Camera, Photographs, Map, Safari and Game Center to Sina Microblog.
In addition, Siri finally supports Chinese in iOS 6, and FaceTime can also run via the cellular data network, making communication more convenient. But, as for the function and convenience of Apple’s 3D Map, Passbook etc., it shall be verified in future use.
Unchanged price
The contract iPhone 5 will keep the selling price unchanged, while the 16, 32 and 64 GB version will be sold at $199, $299 and $399 respectively. Therefore, there will be no significant change in the price of retailed bare phones. Pre-orders for iPhone 5 will commence on September 14 and it will be formally released in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, UK, US, Canada, France,Germany and Australia on September 21.
As exposed previously, the launch of iPhone 5 is not as mysterious and stunning as previous versions. However, due to the change in the overall appearance and performance improvement, coupled with the new iOS 6 system, we believe that Apple, as a micro-innovation master, will bring us more surprises in the future application. 
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