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Privacy Policy

1. Use of private information

 “Zikko” will not lease or sell your private information at any circumstances, unless we share your information with our subsidiaries, affiliates and agents only under such conditions set forth below:

•Making an survey on your requirements for purpose of furnishing you better products and services

•Tracking and inquiring your permissions of transference

•Using for promotion or marketing purposes by “Zikko” or the agents.

2. The Website is not liable for disclosures of private information in such cases:

1) When government agencies, judicial authorities require the Website to disclose private information in accordance with legal procedures, the Website will make such disclosures according to requirements of the law enforcement agencies or for purpose of public security;

2) Any disclosures caused by users due to revealing private passwords to or sharing the account with any third parties;

3) Any disclosures, losses, embezzlement or falsification of private information caused by malfunction of computers, hacking, infection or attacks of computer viruses, temporary shutdown of the Website due to government restrictions and other force majeure that may affect normal operations of networks;

4). Any disclosures caused by other websites linked on the Website;

3. Privacy policies of private information

Use of private information shall observe and comply with the privacy policies.

4. Amendment of privacy policies

“Zikko” shall have the right to review and amend the privacy policies from time to time, the amendments will be attached in this Page.

5. Inquiry and Advice

For any inquiries or advices on the privacy policies, please fill in your requirements and points and send them to us!


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