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+D Power 6000 Portable Power

Dare to thin, Dare to close

* The first clingy portable power of iphone5s. which the case is made of Al-Ti alloy and super high strengthened alloy steel material, high strength, light weight.

* Support for the two devices at the same time.

* Well, the immediate sharing.

* Aluminum polymer battery 6000mAh/3.7V, Double USB output,

with 2.1A output current.

Product Overview
How to Use
+D Power 6000 Portable Power

Zikko's newly launched +D6000 is a multi-function portable power source with small size but large capacity which can charge two digital products at the same time with it and you can prolong the service time of your digital devices like iPhone ,iPod, iPad, etc, A portable power can solve the electric energy problem of most digital products. The multiple purpose of it can realize an economical and practical way.



Ultra-thin shape with excellent quality.

* +D6000 which is a ultra thin power bank with the MFI Certification and use of ergonomic design;
* With 6000mAh capacity but the thickness is very thin, And the width is smaller than iPhon5s,the holding operation is comfortable
* With 2 USB port for different devices of current needs intelligent distribution of output current;



Joint more closely when charging

* 70% person using the light hand to pull out a call
* + D6000 using ergonomics design used in the right hand, USB down, not to exceed iPhone5S border, close to the mobile phone, No wire resistance when charging  feel comfortable.

Share the power with your love

* Share the power with your family, your friends;
* special support charging all kinds of pc tablets



The best compatibility

M6000T can be compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod, Beyond that which also can be 100%
compatible with Blackberry and Samsung mobile phones Equipped with dedicated blackberry connector with package.

Titanium aluminum Carving correctly and carefully

Titanium aluminum appearance, 150 times wear resisting than 22 k gold. With 180Glass bead anodic oxidation technology, exquisite and wear-resisting.


Automatically breathing

* With LED indicator light, It will automatically detect device, began to charging equipment
And Start breathing lamp, slowly, slowly, breathing.

* When stop supply power, the breathing lamp will be shut down immediately, save power, intelligent Sleep and auto power off.



Supporters to be charged while charging

* when charging equipment, can also be charged itself, mutual independence,
very convenient.

* At this time, the 2 USB ports can be used as charger.

Quadruple Protections

* Quadruple Protections Has quadruple protections on over current, over voltage, over charging and over discharging, to protect the product itself and external devices, and don’t need to worry about any damage to the mobile phone and other devices caused by charging
* After the test, the conversion rate can be as high as 80% above.



Transparent packaging exquisite gift boxes, gift decent life

* For colors for option, they are: Pink, Blue ,Golden, Silvery.

* Welcome ordering private laser LOGO.

Tips: Zikko portable power are all be precharged with certain power for using instantly.



Questions & Answers


Zikko portable powers are all be precharged with certain power for

using instantly. In addition, Zikko portable powers have no memory effect, so no need to recharged by 8~12 hours for 3 times at the beginning of using.

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