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Pie-Portable Power S11000

I love this Pie

* Dual USB output, which support two kinds of digital equipment
charging simultaneously.
* Capacity11000mAh, which can fully charge your iPhone 4.5 times.
* Save Time(input & output, save 50% time).

Product Overview
How to Use
Super jumbo

11000mAh, which can fully
charge your iPhone 4.5 times.


Save Time

Input2A & Output 2.4A, Save half of the time .

and increasing efficiency.


Dual USB Output

Support two kinds of digital equipment charging simultaneously.1A perfect support for Android phones to charge,  Improve the efficiency of half (to be equipped with the supplied data cable)


Automatic distribution of current

Automatic identification, user-friendliness

Protect the product itself and external devices, saftey
and improve the charge and discharge efficiency!



Supporters to be charged while charging

when charging equipment, can also be charged itself,

mutual independence, very convenient.

 At this time, the 2 USB ports can be used as charger.

Share the power with your love

Share the power with your family, your friends,
special support charging all kinds of pc tablets

Portable hand, just right.

Streamlined design, smooth and delicate, comfortable feel.

The best compatibility

S11000 can be compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod, Beyond that which also can

be 100% compatible with Blackberry and Samsung mobile phones

Effective Power Conversation Rate

S11000 power conversion rate  is more than 80%. Which is the core
 technology   guarantee  for  zikko portable power on safety and durable.


Cut the Pie, what is it ?




Transparent packaging exquisite gift boxes, gift decent life

I love this Pie 3 colors for option, they are:
Blue ,Yellow, White.



Questions & Answers


Zikko portable powers are all be precharged with certain power for

using instantly. In addition, Zikko portable powers have no memory effect, so no need to recharged by 8~12 hours for 3 times at the beginning of using.

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