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USB -C charging and data Cable(M-CUA & M-CC)

* 2m, move no resistance

* Thick TPE material flat line, feels like skin, the integration of the USB Type-C metal interface, solid indestructible.

* 2.4A fast lossless transmission

Product Overview
How to Use

 Integrate USB type-c metal interface,cannot destroy.


 Thick TPE material flat line,feels like skin.

Fast lossless transmission and charging

 Support 2.4A ,no fever

2meter ,long distance

USB Type-C to USB-A Cable  (Model: M-CUA )

Through   USB adapter USB Type-C to USB-A cable to connect.

Speed charging, easy

USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable  (Model: M-CC )

Through USB Type-C  Adapter   USB Type-C to  USB Type-C to connect.


USB Type-C to USB-A Cable (Model: M-CUA )


 USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable  (Model: M-CC )


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