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USB -C TO USB Adapter(M-CUB)

Not just much stronger, much better.

* exquisite,convenient, Line length:14.5cm.

*  Anti signal interference, Lossless transmission.

*  Braided design, same as silk.

*  Metal integrated forming,impregnable.

 It‘s hard to produce impregnable dapter ,not to mention make colorful and high speed adapter.  That’s what we bring for the latest Macbook.

Product Overview
How to Use
Not just much stronger, much better.

M-CUB isn't simply a adapter? it's  better in every way.closer mental and braid intergrated  harmony, feels like silk , but impregnable.  M-CUB is Super Fast at transfering date and charging your device, creating a new generation of adapter that's better by any measure.


Standard length , easy for taking.

Specially design more advanced adaptor for MAC , it needs design beyond current limitation. We carefully at every processing step just to provide more comfortable user experience。

Hugely powerful ,Enormously efficient.

Built on chipset and motion coprocessor , hugely powerful.offers maximum data transfer rate up to 5GBit/s, and charge your device at the same time.


Specially designe for Macbook

Zikko M-CUB USB-C TO USB Adapter Specially designe for Macbook.

Suitable for

USB ,USB Type-C adapter, Mouse, Phone ,Tablet,Keyboard,Printer …

Classic colors

 Available in gold,silver, and gray.


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