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Charger Plus 2 USB Ports(GPE161)

square with better nature due to its pure color body

Big power output of dual-USB

with output current of 3.4A

Product Overview
How to Use
Technical specifications

Input:100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A 

Automatic output of intelligent current: 5V-3400mAh 17W MAX 


With detachable plugs

plugs can be detached for convenient replacement 

With foldable plug and adaptive plug for using in different countries with plug and play function

due to its super compatibility,Combining two output ports, it can charge your smart phone and tablet simultaneously and save your time.



European standards are met with universal designing for application in multiple counties
There will be no obstacle in charging whether going abroad or being on a business trip
 With LED indicator light

LED will be on when adapters are connected to power supply, indicating that adapters work normally

combining the high luster UV treatment,

the surface is wear resistance with beautiful appearance as the perfect combination of nature and technology. The raw material is the engineering plastic which features high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and anti-falling. 


Withwithdrawable cases; products can be easily accessed by just pushing and pulling the cases.


Questions & Answers


Zikko portable powers are all be precharged with certain power for

using instantly. In addition, Zikko portable powers have no memory effect, so no need to recharged by 8~12 hours for 3 times at the beginning of using.

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