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SpaceStation7S Smart Memory Card Reader(IS01)

A magic pen,Change iPhone

• Custom memory

• Worldwide online video

• Take photos with gesture camera

• Intelligent file management 

• Uses USB 3.0
• Support Android system

Product Overview
How to Use
SpaceStation 7S

A magicpen,ChangeiPhone


•Custom memory                     •Take photos with gesture camera

•Worldwide online video           •Intelligent file management 


64GB to 320GB

iOS extended memorizer with external TF card,

Is the memory of your iPhone insufficient?

SpaceStationremoves your trouble of insufficient memory.


Custom memory

Optional iOS Memory, Multiple expansion  iPhone storage,

max support 256 GB TF card







USB 3.0 high speed transmission

SpaceStationadopts USB3.0 standard port and supports the USB 3.0 interfaces of notebook,

desktop computer and digital device, and is capable of quickly and conveniently saving and

transmitting the files, music and video. With USB 3.0 interface,

it can read and write data at high speed which is as fast as 150MB/s. In addition, 

it is compatible with current USB 2.0 interface, and provides the lightsome use feeling for you.


USB 3.0 adapter

Providing more convenient experience for users when using SpaceStation

Zikkois promoting USB 3.0 adapter which is compatible with various devices

Android mobile phone, tablet computer, computer with OTG function

The speed of fast transmission reaches 150MB/s,

Compatible with current USB 2.0 interface.


OTG adapter

Supporting data transmission, charging and OTG functions, the functions with OTG

Such as functional mobile phone, tablet computer, external U-disk for computer,

mouse, keyboard,Gamepad for data transmission and inputting,

Type C interface is available at front and reversed sides, convenient for using.


Small size Excellent functions

Only 14.5g,Easy carry, Aluminum magnesium  alloy,High quality



180 degree bending design

It can be bent for 180° at reverse side, convenient for replacing the memory card at front side

Meeting the demands of different scenes, it can also be used as support.

It’s also a fast charge Lightning cable

When the power of your iPhone run out,it became a portable 

fast charge Apple MFiLightning cable

File management smart APP

ET World is the excellent assistant for you in office, daily life, watching TV and taking

photos as the considerate and smart APP with multi-functional and practical programs,

Life becomes more interesting! With SpaceStationiOS memorizer,

Without the trouble of insufficient storage capacity.



Download Free ET World App to make your life more enjoyable. (Scan QR code)

Wonderful, Start from here

Not only change your iPhone,butalso add more joy to your life


Movie Online cache

Watching the global movies online, saving to SpaceStationwith one key

Operating with one key for online playing and cache.

Supporting to directly browse and editing the photos, music and film,

And supporting the film of FHD format.


Photography, storage while take 

Directly  store to SpaceStation,don’ttake rooms of iOS device

Slim your iphoneanytime


Gesture shoot more joys

The external camera of ET World is your considerate cameristand can grasp every

precious moment just with one gesture! Accompanying you during travel, event,

party, and picnic or at anywhere, it is simple and easy to use,

and is more interesting to take photos!


Easy management of files in mobile phone

Exclusive APP,managefile, picture, music and video anytime

Directly manage, edit ,move and copy document


document more orderly, more accurate

Intelligent management all your documents,

Optimize your work to improve your work

Efficiency,saveyour private time


One key Quick backup

Backup the address book, music, photos and video with one key

Even your iPhone is lost, your address book and files are still available

Safe files backup with one key, quick operation


Instant sharing

Instant sharing your  dynamic state

in worldwide social  website


Connection became so easy

No need through iTunes,iPhone、iPad、iPod to computer

Easy copy, delete and move document and file

System support

iOS 9.0 and above

Android4.4 and above

One design, Three option

Remark: Picture color is for reference only


Product parameters
This is, SpaceStatio 7S
To 320GB
Can fold to the back of cellphone, Don’t influence the use of cellphone
Arbitrary angle of adjustment , Can be use as phone support

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