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4USB Worldwide Travel Adaptor (BST631)

Travel abroad, support with power

• Global general

• Intelligent matching

• Multiple protections

• Wide voltage

• Multiple jacks

Product Overview
How to Use
Travel abroad, support with power

Travel around the world! Zikkoglobal general travel charging socket is equipped

with 4 USB ports and is applicable to 150 countries. The product features

intelligent IC chip identification and intelligent shunting, provides sufficient

power supply no matter which country you are travelling.

Worldwide Travel Adaptor

Four USB outputs professional


• Global general  

• Intelligent matching  

• Multiple protections

• Wide voltage  

• Multiple jacks


Four USB ports

Four USB output ports allow sharing power supply for more devices, and you won't have

the trouble of unavailable ports. Total output current of 4 USB ports is 5A, and the output

of single USB port is 2.4A. In addition, it features intelligent identification function. 

Intelligent matching intelligent shunting

With 4 USB output ports, it can simultaneously charge 4 devices. Combining built-in

intelligent IC chip identification, it is capable of intelligently identifying the charging

demands of mobile digital devices, matching the current output with intelligent

shunting and simultaneous charging functions 


Various jacks integrated functions

It has the plug and jack of specifications of different countries, therefore, it is

applicable to charging for various digital devices such as mobile phones, tablet

computers, notebooks and digital cameras of a variety of countries

Multifunctional changeover plug

With built-in plugs of different standards, it is applicable to different countries. The plug

will be locked after pushing corresponding plug button downwards to the button

according to the standard of the socket, and then the charger can be used normally.

In order to ensure safety, only one pin can be used at one time. When the other pin is

pushed out and not taken back, the pin can't be pushed out normally.

Four kinds of plugs universal all around the world

Global general travel charging socket is a multi-functional socket adapter with

integrated changeover plug of four specifications: (2-pin flat), (cross-shaped),

(triangle flat) and (2-pin round). It meets the charging standards of different

countries, and allows charging your digital devices in any country.

Power indicator

Indicator keeps ON: it means the product works normally.

Indicator flashes: it means overload, please remove a load device

Flame retardant PC material

The raw material adopt engineering plastic which features high temperature

resistance, compression resistance and shatter-resistance, the housing the

hard with longer service life. In addition, the production process is strictly in


accordance with the highest standard of the industry


Overcurrent protection double safety

Global general travel charging socket is equipped with 8A fuses and

will automatically disconnect under overcurrent. There are two 8A

fuses in the charging socket


PUSE: Fuse/ SPARE PUSE: Spare fuse

Multi-circuit protection system

Short-circuit protection: the charger can automatically disconnect power supply

under short circuit. After the short-circuit is released, it can automatically recover

normal useShort circuit, overcurrent, over-voltage and automatic protection

Safe and considerate protection makes you feel at ease all the time


Wide voltage ∙ borderless input

Adopting AC100-240V wide voltage input, it breaks the restraint of voltage to

remove your trouble of charging during travel. Combining high frequency wave

output, it meets the demands of charging when travelling in different countries. 

Children safety protector

The jack is provided with anti-electric shock separator, and the children safety

protector is adopted for protecting the children from electric shock


International safety certification

The product has passed the safety certifications including RoHs, FCC, CE-EMC

and CE-LVD, and provides the safe, stable and durable travel charging socket

for using in different countries with multiple protections. 


• Brand: Zikko                                         • Model: BST631


• Materials: Electronicgreenplastic       • Color: Pearlwhite

This is, Worldwide Travel Adaptor

Packaging box x1, Global general travel charging socket x1, instructions x1

Departure travel

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