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Questions & Answers

Zikko PadSmart

1、How to clean Zikko PadSmart?

Zikko PadSmart is made of superior PU, thus most of the stains can be cleaned off with wet cloth or leather cleaner. Gently wipe and then dry naturally. Please don’t adopt machine washing or dry cleaning, and do not use any bleach or irritating solvent.
2、How does Zikko PadSmart fix iPad?
The PadSmart adopts “tooth-type fitting” construction, the teeth extending out from the inner base plate can ensure a firm fixation. Furthermore, the 
product has a simple appearance instead of full wrappage adopted by ordinary iPad cases, hence ensuring complete exhibitions.
3、Will the casing seal edge split layer by layer after long-term use of Zikko PadSmart?
The PadSmart adopts hot-melt technology to ensure a smooth and uniform surface, of which the adhesion strength is higher than ordinary glued products (its pull strength is several times higher), hence avoiding effectively the unevenness in local sections, edge seam cracking and peeling off etc.