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Questions & Answers

Zikko NanoWatch

1、Will Zikko NanoWatch cause skin allergy?

Zikko NanoWatch adopts hypoallergenic silicone material, not containing phthalates plasticizer, BPA or other harmful chemicals, enabling you to use more securely. 
2、How to clean Zikko NanoWatch?
Wash with clean water. In case of any grease, apply soap and then wash with clean water, wipe away the water with napkin paper, then place it in a cool and windy place. Do not heat or expose it to sun.    
3、Will Zikko NanoWatch be oxidized by sweat or water and get rusty?
All main components and metal buttons of NanoWatch are specially made of space metallic aluminum, thus they are characterized by oxidation resistance, abrasion resistant, environmental protection, fastness, etc. Besides, all metal buckles and screws are made of solid stainless steel, solid and durable, with strong oxidation resistance, thus you do not need to worry about sweat oxidization.