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Questions & Answers

Zikko Arm Pocket

1、How to clean Zikko Arm Pocket?

The surface of Zikko Arm Pocket is treated with waterproofing, allowing for cleaning with wet cloth or leather cleaner. Please dry naturally after cleaning. Don’t use bleach or irritating solvent, and do not adopt machine washing, dry cleaning or long soaking. 
2、Will it be very hot when wearing Zikko Arm Pocket? 
Zikko Arm Pocket is waterproof and sweat-proof, with good air permeability, perfect for your fitness sports.  
3、Will Zikko Arm Pocket slide off during your movement?
The elastic armband is equipped with delicate magic tape, which makes it easier to be used and jointed more firmly. The light magic tape has high-tensile strength, the greater the lateral pull, the stronger the adhesion force will be, which will ensure stable wearing of the product. 
4、The arms of girls are generally thin, is it suitable for them to use Arm Pocket?
Arm Pocket is light, thin and comfortable for wearing; it adopts two adjustable buckles, which can adapt to different body types. It is equipped with elastic fixing strap and double buckle adjustment, so it can fully adapt to your arm shape.