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Questions & Answers

Zikko Sports Belt

1、How to clean Zikko Sports Belt?

Zikko Sports Belt may adopt hand washing or cold-water machine washing under gentle washing mode. Please do not soak for long. 
2、Will the elastic functions of the elastic materials be weakened with the increase of the frequency of use? 
Zikko Sports Belt is made of special elastic materials, with strong expandability. However, we recommend that please do not keep Zikko Sports Belt under full load condition for long, so as to avoid the loss of elasticity. Meanwhile, high temperature ironing should be avoided.  
3、Will it generate a great sense of weight when wearing Zikko Sports Belt during jogging?
With elastic belt and bilateral adjustable buckle, Sports Belt can adapt to different body types, balanced and stable, properly jointing to your body, which will not sway during sports and bring you enjoy pure sports thrill!