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Questions & Answers

Zikko Multifunctional Cable AK200

1. What is other function of AK200 except charging?

Ak200 is not only a power line, but also a data line which can meet the USB2.0 standard, so you can make data transmission with high speed between computer and mobile phone.


2. How many ports are equipped for AK200?

There are three ports for AK200, Apple port, Mini USB , and Micro USB , which can achieve the charging and data transmission of smartphones such as Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and Samsung. AK200 can serve for charging of all your families, so you will be not worried about charging line or data line.


3. How long is AK200?

Length of AK200 is 15.5cm when contraction, and the maximum length when extending is 75cm. It can be adjusted according to actual situation, so it will not bring messy order for your table.


4. Why does AK200 cannot charge for my phone?
If the Mini USB port is not used for charging, please check whether the Micro USB and Mini USB are connected well and whether the Apple port and Micro USB port are connected well. Series design of three ports is the unique patent of AK200.


5. How much is the discharge capacity of AK200? Does it break the cable when charging for iPad?

AK200 is made by high quality copper core 26AWG cable with discharge capacity of more than 2.5A, so it can meet requirement of transmission with high current.