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Questions & Answers

How to Buy Portable Power

1. Where can I buy Zikko portable power?

We have many commercial networks of portable power, and you can buy our products from Gome Electrical Appliances, PC MALL and some Apple authorized exclusive shops. 


2. How can I inquire the price of Zikko portable power?

Our products are sold by various channels and cooperation of famous agents all over the country, so every agent has the prices of them.


3. Does USB line support data transmission?

USB line of Zikko portable power can be used for data transmission.


4. What will the result be if you buying battery with poor quality with less money?

1) Less holding time.

2) Cannot report claim if any problem.

3) Power down frequently, and increase the call charge.

4) No protective device for product with poor quality which can damage your equipment if short circuit.


5. What will the result be if you buying battery with good quality with proper money?

1) Long holding time.

2) Complete after-sale service – guarantee repair, replacement and rejection.

3) Smooth holding, and save the call charge.

4) Safety is guaranteed, ease of use.

5) Long service life.


6. What does the quality of portable power depend on?

1) Conversion efficiency: when charging for outer equipment, some energy of portable power will be consumed due to energy conversion, the higher the conversion efficiency is, the less the consumption is, and the high the practical effective capacity is. For example, if the nominal capacity is 1000mAh, conversion efficiency is 80%, and the practical effective output capacity will only be 800mAh; if the nominal capacity is 900mAh, conversion efficiency is 95%, and the practical effective output capacity will be 855mAh. Therefore, effective capacity of latter is higher by comparing.

2) Discharge performance: the better the discharge performance, the higher the effective utilization of energy of battery cell is.

3) Protection circuit: it can ensure the battery cell in normal working condition and ensure the safety.

4) Service life: recycling service times of battery with good quality can be more than 300 times.