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The Trouble Shooting of Portable Power

1. How to judge whether the function of my portable power is normal? 

When connecting your portable power with your equipment, press the touch switch of product, the LED indicator light will be on with different colors according to balanced electric quantity, and your equipment will display the charging status at the same time.


2. Why is service time of battery shorter than actual situation?

Sometime we will find that charging time of battery for every time is the same, but actual service time is obviously shorter than normal condition, why? In fact, electric quantity of battery is closely related with how to use the phone, for example, when we use phone in area with weak signal, the phone needs to maintain transmission of signal by enlarging the power, and consumption of electric quantity will be increased obviously; of course, temperature also can affect the performance of battery of phone, and it may result in reducing of electric quantity of battery if ambient temperature is too high or too low.


3. How to solve it if there is some problem for my portable power?

Please read the instruction in our product, and it can be downloaded from our website if you loss it.

Please read “question and answer” in our website.

If your question is not followed in our question lists, please dial our service call 400 039 9339, or leave message for us in “contact us” in our website, and our service representative will answer your question.